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Estate Tax
Estate tax is the branch of tax law that relate to the taxation of the assets of an individual on their death.
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Estate tax is also known as inheritance tax. The primary difference is that in the case of estate tax, the estate is taxed. In the case of inheritance tax, the beneficiary is taxed. Generally, some measure of the size of the estate is being taxed. In some jurisidictions it is the amount of the capital gains that is being taxed rather than the size of the estate. For example, if the deceased oowned some shares that has increased in value from $200,000 to $300,000 the tax would be on the $100,000 increase rather than the $300,000 value of the shares. The theory behind this is that the individual likely paid tax on the $200,000 that went into the investment in the first place, for example, if the $200,000 came from income.

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