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Personal Tax
Personal taxes is the branch of tax law that relate to the individual.
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The taxation of individuals serves a number of purposes: the raising of revenue for the state and to encourage and discourage certain behaviors and activities of individuals. Personal taxes can include wealth tax, property tax, income tax, capital gains tax, sales tax, land transfer tax and excise taxes on alcohol, for instance.

Personal taxes can be assess in the course of some activity. For example, on purchasing an item, an amount of sales tax may be assess by the vendor of that item. The vendor is then required to remit that amount to the government. The vendor has then become an agent of the state for the purposes of collecting taxes.

Other taxes can be assessed at a specific time. For example, in respect of income taxes, these are typically assessed at the time the tax return is filed. Often times, amounts are collected prior to the assessment of income taxes. For example, deductions from pay are collected and later are credited towards that actual amount of taxes due.

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